Tomato Ketchup

Hi guys! Today’s recipe is all about this versatile tomato sauce that can be used Ketchup or serve as a base for other popular sauces. This is my mum’s recipe which I slightly tweaked. I also took quite a bit of her help to get it done (see the tutorial below).

I personally do not welcome store-bought ketchups. To me, they seem very strong, acidic, and quite artificial. And if you’re someone who shares the same opinion, you’d love this sauce! The rest of you would obviously too :3

This process is slightly time consuming because it requires the tomatoes to be cooked down on a medium heat. Especially, if you’re using the same quantity. You can adjust the consistency by reducing the sauce for a few more minutes until you’re satisfied. The results, however, are worth it!

Ingredient List:

Recipe Difficulty Level: Basic 
Serving: 5-6 cups
Prep Time: 2 mins 
Cook Time:  2 hours
Tomatoes (ٹماٹر)
	3 kilograms

Garlic (لہسن)
	4 large cloves

Ginger (ادرک)
	2-inch slice

Onion (پیاز)
	1 small

Cloves (لونگ)
	3 whole

Bay Leaf (ڪڙي پتا)
	1 whole

Black Peppercorns (ثابت کالی مرچ)
	8 whole

Black Cardamom (کالی الائچی)
	3 whole

Brown Sugar (شکر)
	1 cup

Salt (نمک) 
	to taste

Apple Cider Vinegar (سیب کا سرکہ)
	1/2 cup

Red Chilli Powder (لال مرچ پاؤڈر)
	to taste

Tools Required:

Kitchen Knife
Large Cooking Pot
Wooden or Mixing Spoon
Muslin or Cheese Cloth
Mesh Strainer or Sieve


  1. Cut the tomatoes in four pieces and add them to a large pot. DSCN9964
  2. Cover and cook them on medium low flame until the tomatoes start to release their juice and soften up.
  3. Keep stirring and moving them around to cook evenly. This process may take 30-40 minutes.
  4. Once they soften completely, start smushing them roughly. You will notice that the tomato skin has separated from the pulp.
  5. Turn the flame off and tell them cool before blending them.
  6. Blend them into a purée using a stick or a kitchen blender.DSCN9971
  7. Pass the tomato purée through a sieve to eliminate the seeds and the skin.DSCN9974
  8. Take a muslin or a cheese cloth and place garlic, ginger, cloves, bay leaf, onion, black cardamom, and black peppercorns on it. Tie a knot to make your little spice bag.DSCN9978
  9. Transfer the smooth purée back into the pot and turn on the flame to medium.
  10. Add brown sugar, salt, red chilli powder, apple cider vinegar and mix. Place the spice bag in the concoction and let it boil for several minutes.
  11. Reduce it to your desired consistency on medium. May take at least 40 minutes.
  12. Pick out your spice bag and squeeze it in the tomato sauce to extract maximum flavour. DSCN9992
  13. Let it cool completely before storing it in an airtight jar.
  14. It can be stored for 2 months.
  15. Serve it with fried chicken, fritters (pakoray), samosay, and any thing that you fancy.
  16. You can even make Chilli Garlic Sauce and Marinara Sauce with it.



Click on the link below to watch a video demonstration of this recipe:

Homemade Tomato Ketchup

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