Walnut Crumble Topping

Hey fam! Are we up of a super easy crumble topping? 😀

With this Walnut Crumble you can top your freshly baked pies, muffins, cobblers, and tarts. It works equally well in between layers. It’s just that extra bit that your dessert needs. So let’s make this crispy crumbly easy walnut crumble!


Recipe Difficulty Level: Beginner
Serving: 2 cups
Prep Time: 2 mins
Bake Time: 20 mins
Chilled Butter (ٹھنڈا مکھن)
	4 slightly heaped tablespoons or 55 grams

All Purpose Flour (میدہ)
	3/4 cup or 95 grams

Walnuts (اخروٹ) roughly chopped
	as required or 4 slightly heaped tablespoons

Powdered Sugar (پسی ہوئی چینی)
	6 tablespoons or 45 grams

Powdered Cinnamon (پسی ہوئی دار چینی))
	3/4 teaspoon or 1.8 grams

Tools Required:

Baking Dish
Heat Proof Mixing Spoon
Mixing Bowls
Kitchen Sieve
Baking Oven


  1. Preheat your oven at 180°C.
  2. In a spacious baking dish or baking tray, sift all purpose flour, powdered sugar and powdered cinnamon.
  3. Add walnuts and chilled butter. Make sure the butter is cold but still soft enough to be squished.
  4. Combine all the ingredients with a spatula to create a crumb like mixture. Do not work the mixture with hands since the heat will melt the butter. Use a spatula or a wooden spoon and if you feel the butter is starting to melt, pop the tray in the freezer for 2 mins to let it hold it's shape again.
  5. Spread the mixture evenly and bake at 180°C for 20 mins or until light golden. Mix it after every 5 minutes to form the desired crumble texture and to ensure even colour.
  6. If you're using the crumble for something that has to go in the oven again, bake it a little under so that it has a blonde colour and reaches perfect light golden when baked again.
  7. Use it to top muffins, tarts or cobblers or layer it in the desserts. Or simply munch a bag full of it. It's just the perfect crumbly treat.



For a much thorough demonstration of the recipe, click on the link below:

Walnut Crumble Topping

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