Peaches & Cream Dessert

Assalam Alaikum everyone! If you’re here then you’re here for a treat ^.^ My Peaches & Cream Dessert is inspired by the classic combination of peaches with whipped cream. I’ve put my little spin on it to introduce more textures and flavours into this power duo. It’s an extremely easy-to-make dessert with different layers that hero peaches and cream. The only thing to make this work are fresh and juicy peaches. Make sure you’ve got your hands on the finest produce of this season. This dessert and mildly sweetened and perfect for summers. Let’s go!

Ingredient List:

Recipe Difficulty Level: Beginner
Serving: 4 people
Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 5 mins

For Walnut Crumble:

Click on Walnut Crumble to find the easiest recipe to achieve a perfect crumble topping.

For Stewed Peaches:

Fresh Peaches (تازے آڑو) 
	3 large 

Lemon (لیمو) 
	1 whole

Honey (شہد) 
	1 tablespoon

Brown Sugar (شکر) 
	1/4 cup

Salt (نمک) 
	a pinch

Corn Four (کارن فلور) 
	1/2 teaspoon

Cinnamon Powder (دار چینی پائوڈر) 
	1/4 teaspoon 

Water (پانی) optional 
	2-3 teaspoons

For Peach Purée:

Fresh Peaches (آڑو) 
	2 large

For Ice cream Chantilly:

Diary Cream (کریم) 
	250 ml or 1 cup

Vanilla Ice Cream (ونیلا آئیس کریم)
 	4 large scoops

For Layering:

Fresh Peach 
	1 large thinly sliced

Walnut Crumble 
	as required

Stewed Peaches 
	as required

Peach Purée 
	as required

Ice cream Chantilly 
	as required

Tools Required:

Mixing Bowls
Serving Glasses or Dish
A Whisk or Hand Beater
Rubber Spatula or Mixing Spoon
Kitchen Blender


  1. In the first step, whip up your ice cream Chantilly since it needs time to chill. Whisk a cup of chilled cream until it achieves soft peaks and doubles in volume. Add scoops of your favourite ice cream, I chose to keep it simple with vanilla and continued whisking until combined. Chill it for an hour and whisk it again to get a slight thick consistency. Refrigerate until the remaining components are ready to be layered.
  2. Prepare the walnut crumble or you can even substitute it with your favourite biscuits or cake sponge. DSCN8211-1-3
  3. Prepare the peach purée by cutting peaches in random pieces and blending them up. If you want to achieve a smooth purée, pass it through a kitchen sieve.
  4. For the stewed peaches, pour boiling water over peaches and let them sit in for 5 mins. After that, cut the peaches in quarters and pull them apart to get quarter slices. Peel the skins off easily and cut them into small cubes or pieces.
  5. In a saucepan, add the peach cubes, juice of one lemon, brown sugar, honey, cinnamon powder, salt, and cornflour. Mix everything together and simmer it on medium-low heat with continuous stirring. You can add a few teaspoons of water of you feel that the peaches are not releasing enough juices. Cook until the sauce is thick and the peaches are slightly soft but still have a bite to them. Let it cool. DSCN8220
  6. Cut thin slices of fresh peach for layering at the bottom of serving glass or dish. Make sure every component is chilled properly before you start layering.
  7. You can use separate serving glasses or a large serving dish for preparing the layers.
  8. Start by layering the fresh peaches. Then pour some ice cream chantilly on top, followed by some crumble, stewed peaches, some more crumble and some more stewed peaches. Pour the cream on top and finish it off with some peach purée.
  9. Refrigerate till set and sprinkle some more crumble on top before serving it. Enjoy while chilled! <3



To watch the video demonstration for this recipe, click on the link below:

Peaches & Cream Dessert

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