Mini Pizzas (15-Minute & No-bake)

Hey everyone! ❤️ Hope you’re all healthy and safe. Today’s recipe is the most requested one. I actually designed it to satisfy my midnight cravings and since sharing is caring, here it is to satisfy yours too. This is the perfect recipe for kitchen sloths (not me🤫) and people who prefer quick and delicious snacks that require efforts, less or none. It’s also a super creative way to consume any leftover meat. You can make this using pepperoni slices, chicken chunks, pulled beef, shredded chicken, prawns, frozen cuts or generally anything that you have in store. The dough base requires minimal effort, resting and kneading. It also turns out really soft while the crispy bottom is the best bit. Let’s get right into the deets!🙌🏼

Ingredient List:

Recipe Difficulty Level: Beginner
Serving: 24 mini pizzas
Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins

For Dough:

All Purpose Flour (میدہ) 
4 cups sifted

Salt (نمک)
to taste

Milk (دودھ)
1 cup (lukewarm/نیم گرم)

Sugar (چینی)
1/2 teaspoon

Honey (شہد)
1/2 teaspoon

Oil (تیل)
2 tablespoons

Instant Yeast (خمیر)
1 tablespoon

Water (پانی)
1/3 cup or as required to form the dough

For Toppings:

Marinara or Pizza Sauce (پیزا سوس) 
as required

Onion (پیاز)
1 small thinly sliced

Capsicum (شملہ مرچ)
1 small thinly sliced

Your choice of meat (optional)

Pizza Cheese (پنیر)
shredded as required

Olives (زیتون)
as required

Jalapenos (جلپینوس)
as required

Oregano (اوریگینو)
as required

Chilli Flakes (کٹی لال مرچ)
as required

Olive Oil (زیتون)
drizzle as required

Tools Required:

Mixing Bowls
Spoons and Forks
Cutting Knife
Cutting Board
Cooking Pan with a Lid
Round Cookie Cutter or Large Mug


  1. Take a cup of lukewarm milk and add sugar, honey, oil, and yeast. Give it a stir and set aside for 2 minutes to activate.IMG_20200822_165108
  2. Meanwhile sift flour and salt in a large bowl. When the yeast has doubled in volume, add the mixture in.IMG_20200822_165803
  3. Mix it with a spoon and starting forming a dough by kneading with finger tips and slowly incorporating water as needed. You'll end up with a slightly soft and sticky dough.
  4. Cover the dough generously with oil and also grease the bottom of the bowl in which the dough is to be placed. Cover the bowl and rest for 3 minutes in a warm place.
  5. Meanwhile prep and cut your toppings as little or as more you like.
  6. Flip the dough bowl on to a clean floured surface and take the dough out. Dust some flour on the top of the dough as well. IMG_20200822_175007
  7. Roll out the dough as flat as possible roughly to a half-inch width. Cut out circles/discs using a large mug or a cookie cutter.
  8. Flatten the base discs with your finger tips and poke holes in them using a fork.IMG_20200822_172720
  9. Cook bases on a pan over medium-low heat. Cook one side less than the other.IMG_20200822_173107
  10. Turn the heat down to low and start placing your toppings on the side which is fully cooked.
  11. Start by spreading Marinara Sauce. Use toppings that you love and omit the one's you're not keen about.IMG_20200822_181938
  12. Once completed, cover the pizzas with a large lid and make sure to lock the steam in.
  13. Cook until the cheese melts. It roughly takes about 7 to 8 minutes.
  14. Enjoy as a midnight or an evening snack and thank me once you make it. I look forward to seeing your recreations 😄

IMG_20200822_184252 (2)

Tips & Tricks:

Make sure to use lukewarm milk for activating the yeast. Not scorching, not cold but lukewarm. Do not let the yeast mixture stay for more than 2 minutes. The yeast dies down and becomes inactive which results in a hard, dense dough.

Use toppings of your choice. This includes any leftover meat, available veggies and condiments. You can even make a large pizza instead of the minis using the same technique. 



15-Minute No-Bake Mini Pizzas

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