Chocolate Croissant Bread

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share a recipe that was a part of my Instagram breakfast buffet collaboration. It’s a Chocolate Croissant Bread! Confusing right? Well I intended to make croissants but changed that plan to merge the two concepts of slightly flaky, slightly soft and slightly buttery to make this hybrid bread that has the best of both worlds. Can the concept be more refined? Yes. Does it taste good, absolutely! Let’s make it ❤️

Difficulty Level: Basic
Serving: 5-6 people
Prep Time: 1 hour
Bake Time: 40 mins


For Dough:

All Purpose Flour (میدہ) 
2 cup or 240 grams

Sugar (چینی)
2 tablespoons

Instant Yeast (خمیر)
2 teaspoons

Salt (نمک)
2 pinches

Milk (دودھ)
1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons

Unsalted Cold Butter (مکھن)
1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons

Egg Wash (انڈہ)
1 egg + 1 teaspoon of water

For Filling:

Melted Butter (مکھن) 
1.5 tablespoons

Cocoa Powder (کوکو پاؤڈر)
1 tablespoon

Cinnamon Powder (دارچینی پاؤڈر)
1/4 teaspoon

Dark Chocolate Chunks (چاکلیٹ)
as required

Brown Sugar (شکر)
3 tablespoons

AP Flour (میدہ)
2 tablespoons

Tools Required:

Cutting Board
7x4 inch loaf tin
Kitchen Knife
Kitchen oven
Bread Knife
Mixing Bowls and Spoons
Rubber Spatula
Stand Mixer (optional)


1.	For the dough, in a mixing bowl, add AP flour sugar, instant yeast, salt and cold butter and mix them together in a coarse crumb.
2.	Gradually add milk and combine it into a shaggy (not smooth) dough.
3.	Pack the dough tightly in a cling wrap and refrigerate it for an hour.
4.	Take the dough out after an hour and dust some flour on the work surface.
5.	Roll the dough out in a square and fold it like an envelope. Keep folding and rolling it for 4 to 6 times until smooth.
6.	Pack it in a cling wrap and refrigerate it for 10 to 15 minutes while you prepare the filling.
7.	For the filling, mix Cocoa powder, AP flour, brown sugar, and cinnamon powder in a bowl.
8.	Add melted butter and mix until a chocolate crumb is formed. Keep it aside along with some chopped dark chocolate.
9. 	Take out the dough and roll it until 1/2-inch thickness remains. Make sure to roll gently and not drag or tear the dough.
10.	Sprinkle the chocolate crumb filling inside and reserve some for sprinkling on the top.
11.	Sprinkle the chocolate chunks and roll it tight tucking the sides in and sealing all the edges.
12.	Cover it and let it proof on the kitchen counter for 15 minutes until you preheat your oven at 180°C.
13.	After 15 mins, brush egg wash gently over the top and sprinkle the remaining crumble.
14.	Bake at 180°C for 35 to 40 mins until risen and beautifully golden.
15.	Take the bread out on a wire rack and slice with a sharp bread knife after letting the bread rest for atleast 12 hours. Enjoy with orange marmalade or salted butter. 

Tips & Tricks:

Make sure to use cold butter in this recipe. The main focus of this bread dough is to retain the pockets of butter so that they only melt in the oven and create layers. Which is why it is also important to not over mix the dough. When sprinkling the crumble over the dough, use a rolling pin to roll once over the crumble so that it stays in place as you roll it. After baking the bread, take it out on a wire rack and cover it with kitchen towel. Let it rest for atleast 6 hrs before cutting into it to ensure clean slices. Also use a sharp bread knife, the one with teeth.


For the video demonstration of the click on Chocolate Croissant Bread

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