Chilli Garlic Sauce

Fwenz! Today I'm going to share a staple sauce. I'm pretty sure everyone here purchases Chilli Garlic Sauce, even before the previous one runs out. That's how loved it is! What's that? You don't? I don't believe you :3 Here's a recipe to save you a round of the store. You can make it easily... Continue Reading →

Marinara Sauce (Pizza Sauce)

Hi everyone! Today....I've come to save you if you're one of those spreading ketchup on their pizza bases. Please stop, it hurts ­čśŽ If you're using a store-bought pizza sauce that's quite acceptable but what's even better is homemade marinara. Out of all the tomato sauces, this one is my favourite. It can go with... Continue Reading →

Tomato Ketchup

Hi guys! Today's recipe is all about this versatile tomato sauce that can be used Ketchup or serve as a base for other popular sauces. This is my mum's recipe which I slightly tweaked. I also took quite a bit of her help to get it done (see the tutorial below). I personally do not... Continue Reading →

B├ęchamel Sauce

Hi everyone! Let’s get down to basics today. I’ll show you how to make the classic B├ęchamel Sauce or White Sauce which you can use in tons of different recipes and variations. This sauce easily serves as a base for complex sauces like Mushroom Sauce, Mornay Sauce (Cheese Sauce), Alfredo Sauce, Cream Sauce, an what… Continue Reading →

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