Crispy Chicken Kachori

Hey everyone! Today, I bring to you, a guide to making the perfect kachoris. Normally, we buy kachoris from our local shops or bakeries in Ramadan. But due to the Covid situation, most of us must be taking precautions. Or at least I hope most of us are. So if you have been patient enough... Continue Reading →

Chicken Jalfrezi

Hi everyone! Here's a bomb chicken recipe to get you hooked on. Every time you've got boneless chicken around you won't think of anything else to make. Created with whole spices and aromats this rich masala gravy is perfect for your 'dastarkhwan'. This curry dish is popular throughout Asia and can be served with boiled/steamed... Continue Reading →

Butter Chicken

Long time you guys! 😀 But the wait is worth because I'm here with an amazing recipe of Butter Chicken. You won't find a recipe better than this and I promise you that! This butter chicken has chunks of tandoori chicken that require separate time and care. The gravy is a heavenly marriage of smoky,... Continue Reading →

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