Mini Pizzas (15-Minute & No-bake)

Hey everyone! ❤️ Hope you're all healthy and safe. Today's recipe is the most requested one. I actually designed it to satisfy my midnight cravings and since sharing is caring, here it is to satisfy yours too. This is the perfect recipe for kitchen sloths (not me🤫) and people who prefer quick and delicious snacks... Continue Reading →

Pizza Bombs (using Bread)

Ramadan Mubarak virtual fam! Here's a super easy and quick recipe put together for you guys. The crispy crunchy pizza bomb is filled with cheesy umami goodness to light up your iftaar table. It is normally made with pizza dough but I've reduced some tedious steps of kneading and dough making. You can simply make... Continue Reading →

Healthy Chicken Tacos

Hi frenzzZz! :3 Today's recipe can either be a meal or a snack, crispy or soft, healthy or guilty, delicious or....well delicious! We're gonna learn to make some Chicken Tacos from scratch! This recipe is inspired by one of my favourite places to enjoy a taco in Islamabad i.e. District 6. I've done a healthy... Continue Reading →

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