Basic Vanilla Sponge

Assalam Alaikum and hey you guys! I got a lot, like a lot A LOT of requests to share the recipes for the cakes that I made. So, I thought to start with the first ever cake sponge that I learnt to make years ago. I've developed it overtime to suit my liking and here... Continue Reading →

Chilli Garlic Sauce

Fwenz! Today I'm going to share a staple sauce. I'm pretty sure everyone here purchases Chilli Garlic Sauce, even before the previous one runs out. That's how loved it is! What's that? You don't? I don't believe you :3 Here's a recipe to save you a round of the store. You can make it easily... Continue Reading →

Marinara Sauce (Pizza Sauce)

Hi everyone! Today....I've come to save you if you're one of those spreading ketchup on their pizza bases. Please stop, it hurts 😦 If you're using a store-bought pizza sauce that's quite acceptable but what's even better is homemade marinara. Out of all the tomato sauces, this one is my favourite. It can go with... Continue Reading →

Tomato Ketchup

Hi guys! Today's recipe is all about this versatile tomato sauce that can be used Ketchup or serve as a base for other popular sauces. This is my mum's recipe which I slightly tweaked. I also took quite a bit of her help to get it done (see the tutorial below). I personally do not... Continue Reading →

Crispy Chicken Kachori

Hey everyone! Today, I bring to you, a guide to making the perfect kachoris. Normally, we buy kachoris from our local shops or bakeries in Ramadan. But due to the Covid situation, most of us must be taking precautions. Or at least I hope most of us are. So if you have been patient enough... Continue Reading →

Chicken Jalfrezi

Hi everyone! Here's a bomb chicken recipe to get you hooked on. Every time you've got boneless chicken around you won't think of anything else to make. Created with whole spices and aromats this rich masala gravy is perfect for your 'dastarkhwan'. This curry dish is popular throughout Asia and can be served with boiled/steamed... Continue Reading →

Pizza Bombs (using Bread)

Ramadan Mubarak virtual fam! Here's a super easy and quick recipe put together for you guys. The crispy crunchy pizza bomb is filled with cheesy umami goodness to light up your iftaar table. It is normally made with pizza dough but I've reduced some tedious steps of kneading and dough making. You can simply make... Continue Reading →

Poutine Shakshuka

Assalam Alaikum everyone! I hope you are all well and safe inside your homes and taking all the possible measures to avoid the pandemic. May Allah have mercy upon us all (Ameen). While everyone is killing time doing stuff that suits them, I'm here thinking of creating fusion dishes. This dish is a fusion of... Continue Reading →

Healthy Chicken Tacos

Hi frenzzZz! :3 Today's recipe can either be a meal or a snack, crispy or soft, healthy or guilty, delicious or....well delicious! We're gonna learn to make some Chicken Tacos from scratch! This recipe is inspired by one of my favourite places to enjoy a taco in Islamabad i.e. District 6. I've done a healthy... Continue Reading →

Mini New York Cheesecakes

Welcome back to my little world! I'm always so hyped up whenever it's a dessert recipe and ESPECIALLY when it is so good that you can't stop thinking about it for days. I bring to you, my NY Cheesecakes (Mini Version). You guys were hella curious about it too so something had to be done... Continue Reading →

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