Caramelized Plum & Oatmeal Cookies

Hey there! Welcome to my virtual home and another written recipe ^.^ Today, it's a cookie recipe! This is my all-time favourite oatmeal cookie recipe and I jazzed it up using caramelized plums. This is my modern take on oatmeal raisin cookies. If you're not a fan of raisins (like me, tehe) you'll enjoy making... Continue Reading →

Plum Ratatouille

Welcome back everyone! Today's recipe is a French classic stewed vegetable dish called the Ratatouille (pronunciation: Ra.Tuh.Too.Ee). The dish gained hype after featuring in a Disney Pixar movie, 'Ratatouille'. My version of this traditional food features plums that were vital to complete my stone fruit series. Let's break down the components of this dish for... Continue Reading →

Peaches & Cream Dessert

Assalam Alaikum everyone! If you're here then you're here for a treat ^.^ My Peaches & Cream Dessert is inspired by the classic combination of peaches with whipped cream. I've put my little spin on it to introduce more textures and flavours into this power duo. It's an extremely easy-to-make dessert with different layers that... Continue Reading →

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